Originally we had planned to hold the closed beta with a NDA and all the legal stuff that comes with it. But as we much rather spend our time on making Super Health Club than on the legalities of NDA’s we decided to make the beta open to all who have pre-ordered Super Health Club.

So if you pre-ordered Super Health Club, go to this page for more info on how you can obtain the beta!

If you haven’t pre-ordered Super Health Club yet, there’s no time like today. If you pre-order through the OONYX Shop, you can join the closed beta within minutes!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Let us know how you like the beta so far ok? We’d love to hear what you think!

And guys, please help us spread the word about Super Health Club by reblogging this post or posting (spamming :P) other sites about SuperHealthClub. We’d really appreciate it!

Considering applying to host a bara vs yaoi panel at Yaoi Con… still not sure I’ll be able to go yet though! I don’t want to get it approved and then have to cancel… ;o;

My hotel situation and ride up there are still shaky at best. :<

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